What Makes Us Unique?

It's our expertise and our approach.

With every prospective endeavour, we perform an exhaustive process of due diligence and we thoroughly analyze every variable that may affect the commercial viability of a venture. If we identify risks that could potentially result in failure of a venture then we will only proceed if we have identified a solution to resolve those risks.

As part of our commercialization process we will draw upon our extensive global network of world class experts to assure success of the venture.

Meet Our Founder

John Pacak

John Pacak, P.Eng.

Mr. Pacak has more than 20 years of business and product development experience and has founded and participated in the development of several companies. He is President and CEO of InnovoXL Inc. where he is instrumental in assessing new business opportunities and developing commercialization strategies to bring new technologies to market. Mr. Pacak is a Professional Engineer with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Manitoba and he specializes in biomedical engineering. He serves on several boards and committees such as the Life Sciences Association of Manitoba, Friends of Engineering and the Cabinet Committee of the Friends of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. As well, Mr. Pacak has been a guest speaker at conferences and universities on the topics of biomedical technology, innovation and commercialization.

Mr. Pacak co-founded Monteris Medical Inc., and he is a co-inventor of the AutoLITT concept, which is a robotic MRI guided minimally invasive interstitial laser thermal therapy system for the removal of brain tumors. Mr. Pacak was also involved in the development and commercialization of the automated pharmaceutical admixture technology that became the flagship product for Intelligent Hospital Systems (now called ARxIUM).

In addition to InnovoXL’s featured projects, Mr. Pacak also participated in the commercialization and development of a platform technology which will have utility in diagnosing Alzheimer’s disease and cancer screening with resultant benefits in cancer management. As well, he has extensive experience with stem cell collection, preservation and processing technologies for cellular therapy and transfusion medicine. Mr. Pacak also has experience in developing various dental technologies and more recently, he was involved in the development of prosthetic products and an advanced manufacturing system for mass production of these products. Earlier in his career, Mr. Pacak gained significant product and process development experience in a broad spectrum of sector areas ranging from consumer goods to industrial equipment.

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